Anathematization of the world is not an adequate response to the world.

-Donald Barthleme

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i mean.

smaug knows no one can hear him right

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Remember how this was actually a scene

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Please have respect for Ringers/Tolkien fans during the Hobbit.

Don’t go on yelling stuff about Johnlock and Watson during the entire film. 

We’ve been waiting over ten years for this, guys. 

Thanks and much love,

A fellow Sherlock fan. 

P.S. I hope that you enjoy the film and dive into our wonderful fandom if you aren’t a part of it already!

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my heart….

Fast forwarding to December, when I can see the Hobbit midnight premiere and finish college within a 72 hour period.

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Entertainment Weekly Exclusive scenes from ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ (x)


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